Loyalty Rewards & Customer Engagement

You don’t just want customers. You want loyal customers. This is where the customer loyalty program comes in. mobilefYre will help you facilitate retail tracking marketing to engage with your customers and boost revenue.

What’s the secret? The digital kiosk, aka your new best friend. Think of it as a magical box designed to capture leads and increase current customer loyalty. Did you know that businesses with digital kiosks are seeing a 500-1,000% increase in participation rates? You do now. Are you ready for yours to be one of them?

For retail locations, this is the perfect brick and mortar marketing solution.

Digital Kiosk – Features

  • CUSTOM BRANDED – The digital kiosk is an extension of your brand. Complete design customization lets users make it their own.

  • EASY TO USE – No more signs with keywords & shortcodes. The kiosk allows for easy entry with a digital touch-screen keypad.

  • TRACK VISITS – Each customer check-in is tracked and automated offers can be sent to those customers who haven’t been by for some time.

  • ROTATING GRAPHICS and PROMOTIONS – Use the split-screen feature to animate the kiosk and showcase featured items or display rotating promoitions.

  • MULTIPLE DATA POINT ENTRY – The digital kiosk can capture up to 4 additional fields of data such as birthday, email, zip code, and more.

  • STRONG & SECURE – The adjustable security enclosure can support multiple devices and also protects your tablet from theft and misuse.

MobilefYre's Digital Kiosk: Turbocharge Customer Engagement!

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of your customers clicking their way through a competitor’s offer they couldn’t refuse. Use our digital kiosk to bring them back!

  • Brand Magic – Customize the kiosk to extend your brand’s reach.

  • Effortless Interface – Ditch the cryptic short codes; the kiosk beckons with a breezy digital touch-screen keypad.

  • Visit Tracker – Automate offers for customer check-ins.

  • Targeted Customer Data – Capture birthdays, emails, zip codes, and more for targeted customer loyalty programs for small businesses.

  • Ironclad Security – Keep your tablet and other smart devices safe from theft with the adjustable security enclosure.