Reception-less Phone Manager (RPM)

Reception-less Phone Manager (RPM)

Never Answer Another Call…

…But Actually Solve Your Caller’s Needs!

Never Answer Another Call…

…But Still Satisfy Every Caller!

The Affordable Solution to Salon Phone Management

With mobilefYre RPM you can:

  • Eliminate Unanswered Calls

  • Automatically respond to phone calls with text messages

  • Automatically schedule appointments

  • Make default voicemail a thing of the past

  • Decrease stylist interruptions

  • Increase stylist production

The Cost of Not Answering the Phone

Inbound calls are often the most valuable leads your business will receive. Missed calls are not only wasted sales opportunities, they also drive business to your competitors. In fact, 84% of callers say they would cease doing business with a company after a bad call experience.

-DialogTech 7.30.20

How it Works

When a Customer Calls, They Are Met With a Voice Prompt Asking if They Need:

  • To Make an Appointment – Press 1
    Customer receives a text message with a link to your preferred online booking site, to your store mobile app, or anywhere else you want to direct them!

  • Hours and Directions – Press 2
    Voice your hours and location or text a link to your website or Google map.

  • To Hear Current Specials – Press 3
    Describe your specials, or even better, send them in a text!

  • To Leave a Message – Press 4
    RPM will notify you via email or text in real time when you get a new voicemail. Log into the RPM system to manage your voicemail inbox and even call your guests back with the click of a button!

(Typical configuration)

RPM Starter Package: $349 Includes 1000 Calls per Month

  • Text Messages – Included

  • 1-Click Callback – Included

  • Calls Over 1000 = .35¢/call

How Does RPM Stack Up?

$3.00 – $4.00 per Call*

$3.00 – $4.00 per Call*

$2.00 – $3.00 per Call*

$2.00 – $3.00 per Call*

$1.00 per Call*

$1.00 per Call*

.35¢ per Call*

.25¢ per Call*

*Based on 1000 calls per month

(Fantastic Sams Special Pricing)

60 Day Unconditional Guarantee